Creating memories for clients is central to Esther’s ethos. Browse her portrait galleries and see people of all ages.  Character and wisdom is treated with sensitivity and respect, as Esther creatively adds interest and beauty.

Just as Esther places children in locations to help illustrate their passions, so too can older generations experience this creative process. Walking with a faithful pet, standing on a well-walked beach holding a piece of driftwood, or demonstrating family crafts or talents are within reach, as Esther translates them into skilfully preserved segments of life. 

Esther can take people out of the studio, away from stiff-necked poses and static arrangements. Blend your ideas with hers and apply them to your whole family.

Esther’s photography takes precious possessions, events and people, and produces beautiful images to be displayed. Polished, refined and glorious, they are the true royalty among photographic records.

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