An ‘Event’ not to be missed….!


Well, I’ve just returned from a fantastic week in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia. A ‘first’ in a number of ways – first time visiting this part of Australia, first time attending an Australian Institute of Professional Photography event (AIPP), and first time speaking offshore…such an incredible privilege and honour to be invited to be a part of this by Nadish, Steve, and the team at ASUKAbooks Australia, based in Sydney. And apart from the nerves (out of comfort zone is a good thing…right..?!)  it was a fantastic few days!

So a huge thank you to Asukabooks, and their team, for believing in me and my work, and making us feel so very, very welcome!  And the AIPP for being so helpful. And I couldn’t have done it all of this without the help of the two wonderful men in my life, Terry who put together my beautiful AV’s and video, and dear Mark who went well beyond the call of duty helping me with my presentation planning. Thank you also to Tony Hewitt for being so encouraging and kind in his introduction for my presentation, not to mention inspiring with his own amazing work and presentation.  And it was great to catch up with old friends, and make new ones.

The other speakers (some serious ‘Rockstars’ of the photographic world, such as Jerry Ghionis, and his wife Melissa, and Alexia Sinclair, to name just a few) were awe-inspiring and I’ve come away even more motivated and energised. I firmly believe you only need to come away with one piece of information, or inspiration that you can apply to your business/work/or direction and it makes a conference or speaker worth attending. For me, this has sparked more clarity with direction and ideas  –  ohhh I’ve so much I want to start working on…exciting times ahead (not to mention a busy few months too!)

So to the photographers out there, would I recommend attending the AIPP Nikon Event…? Oh yes – do it!  An ‘Event’ not to be missed without a doubt. Next year it will be in Perth, Australia.

Here’s a link to my new AV that shows one of the books (these are such a beautiful product!) from ASUKA books, and featuring ‘The Angel Collection’…enjoy.

B’W photographs of me speaking © Photography by Bambi

And cell phone images by whoever we could grab around us at the time! Some R&R in Brisbane before our trip home…the low in the sky, late afternoon sun was so, so beautiful, bouncing off the buildings and reflecting pockets of golden sunlight around the city, and finishing with a ferry ride on the river.








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