A portrait of a woman is one of the most personal experiences in photography. We are the focus of attention, baring our face, skin, eyes and essence to the camera. The decision to place ourselves at centre stage, often without props or decoration, takes courage and self-appreciation.



Yet women often go through lives so entwined within their families or careers, that years pass with no special images to remind us of individual beauty and characteristics. Snapshots often fall short of illustrating a woman’s true look. As William Shakespeare wrote, things lose their beauty, by misfortune or by nature’s course:
“But thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou owest.’’ (Sonnet 18)
This suggests there are ways of preserving a look, in poetry or images which outlive generations but illustrate a woman’s own. In Shakespeare’s time, women were captured in the slow process of a painting. Today, Esther uses her camera and an array of creative skills to photograph women…always beautifully.
Bring your mother or daughter and double your grace and beauty. Be pampered and prepped by a hair and make-up professional, or come with your own style. Add your men and sons after your session for those special family photographs.

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