Children rarely stand still – why should they for photographs? Esther uses gentle and creative methods to show a child’s natural movement.
“I want to work with children in a setting relevant to their age. Not try to sit them down, or get them to pose in a particular way.’’ – Esther.



Esther’s work is unconventional, taking images of children into the realms of art. Subtle shifts of colour, from monochromatic to modern brights reflect her subjects. Each shoot is a fresh start and is never treated the same as others. While Esther’s grounding as a photographer was in the darkroom, digital photography allows her to indulge in latest techniques which fit perfectly with her artistic leanings.
Parents know what joy grips a child when they frolic in glorious dress-ups and use wonderful props, be they hula hoops, ukuleles or a fireman’s hat. Those ecstatic moments can be captured through Esther’s lens and forever remind a child, their parents and grandparents, of that slice of fantastical childhood.

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