Leaving the nest…


Lovely Sam, age 18, photographed for the ‘Children and Young People of Aotearoa’ project.

Sam is part Mexican, part American, and his formative years were spent growing up in NZ. 

It was such a privilege to photograph him and his beautiful mum, Wellington photographer Mandi Lynn, shortly before he left NZ to study in the USA.

Photographed on their family blueberry farm, in winter light and sunshine.

“What is the best part about living on a blueberry farm? You might guess having an unlimited supply of blueberries, getting to raise animals, running a café or swimming in the river? And while all of these experiences made for some truly great memories the best aspect of our farm were the people who would come to stay. Travellers called “WOOF’ers” who came from all over the world to work on organic farms in exchange for food and a bed. Every one of them added something special to the farm and that was the best part about the farm.” Sam.

Sam is one talented young man to watch into the future…he’s literally got the world at his fingertips.

Nikon D810, Nikon Fisheye 8-15mm, Lensbaby velvet 56, 80-200mm.

Nikon New Zealand

Smoke bombs from colouredsmoke.com.au

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