A portrait of a woman is one of the most personal experiences in photography. We are the focus of attention, baring our face, skin, eyes and essence to the camera. The decision to place ourselves at centre stage, often without props or decoration, takes courage and self-appreciation.
Yet women often go through lives so entwined within their families or careers, that years pass with no special images to remind us of individual beauty and characteristics. Snapshots often fall short of illustrating a woman’s true look. As William Shakespeare wrote, things lose their beauty, by misfortune or by nature’s course:
“But thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou owest.’’ (Sonnet 18)
This suggests there are ways of preserving a look, in poetry or images which outlive generations but illustrate a woman’s own. In Shakespeare’s time, women were captured in the slow process of a painting. Today, Esther uses her camera and an array of creative skills to photograph women…always beautifully.
Bring your mother or daughter and double your grace and beauty. Be pampered and prepped by a hair and make-up professional, or come with your own style. Add your men and sons after your session for those special family photographs.


Children rarely stand still – why should they for photographs? Esther uses gentle and creative methods to show a child’s natural movement.
“I want to work with children in a setting relevant to their age. Not try to sit them down, or get them to pose in a particular way.’’ – Esther
Esther’s work is unconventional, taking images of children into the realms of art. Subtle shifts of colour, from monochromatic to modern brights reflect her subjects. Each shoot is a fresh start and is never treated the same as others. While Esther’s grounding as a photographer was in the darkroom, digital photography allows her to indulge in latest techniques which fit perfectly with her artistic leanings.
Parents know what joy grips a child when they frolic in glorious dress-ups and use wonderful props, be they hula hoops, ukuleles or a fireman’s hat. Those ecstatic moments can be captured through Esther’s lens and forever remind a child, their parents and grandparents, of that slice of fantastical childhood.


Young Adults

Teenage years are full of experiments – some work and some don’t. Self-conscious, shy, or stubborn, not many adolescents fall over themselves to be photographed. Esther’s had to sweet-talk a few out of cars and to within range of the camera. The answer, she believes, is to involve teenagers in the planning process and get them excited about the shoot. Embracing their interests (or obsessions) is a way of overcoming the impossible!
What young people are reading is a key to what they love. Or they may be music mad and see themselves as a rock star. Horse crazy teens may want a photo shoot in the saddle. A motocross bike, a blo-kart or their first real car could be their choice of prop.
For the teenager enchanted by the supernatural worlds of vampires and wizards, Esther can find atmospheric locations for the scenes they imagine. Drifting through a misty wood, crouching with a bow and arrow, or casting a spell can all be arranged within reason.
Of course, this isn’t always possible for family group shoots, but Esther can find a way to keep everyone happy – and there is always a way!


A Tale of Whimsy

Creative portraiture as artwork.
Your child & their reality brought to life. Blending fantasy with reality, make the impossible – possible.

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