NZIPP Awards 2012


We’ve just got back from an amazing week in Christchurch for our annual Epson/NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards. Albeit edge of the seat/nail-biting for at least part of the time, but overall fantastic. Where to start! Phew…highlights I think would be a group walk in the dark across Hagley Park on saturday night to visit images by one of New Zealand’s foremost photographers, Jane Ussher: a sensory experience which forms the heart of NZ IceFest. Fueled by a few glasses of ‘bubbles’, and rugged up against the cold spring evening we followed this by ice skating (a few expecially keen photographers with sore derriere’s now) and it was a truly magical evening. A big shout out to CR Kennedy/Hasslelblad NZ for such a treat and thinking outside the square, in the form of a visit to a white cube gallery! Thoroughly recommend a visit to this if you get an opportunity –  I only wish it wasn’t quite so far away as I would absolutely LOVE to take Theo back for a visit, he would be spellbound. (Hoping it will visit some of the other centres perhaps…?!) Sunday eve we were priviliged  to visit the new proposed studio space of Christchurch photographers Jo Grams and Johannes Van Kan…picture this: four photographers creeping through a dark, unlit building with only a cell phone light to guide us. Jo and Johannes lost their magnificent building in Lyttelton as a result of the 2011 earthquake so it is special to see where they’ll be situated into the future, as they rebuild their lives.

Thrilled to bits to see my hubby Terry Wreford Hann receive the “Commercial Photographer of the Year “ award on monday evening at our black-tie dinner. I received my ‘Grand Master‘, in esteemed company I must add with well-respected photographers Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford also receiving theirs. I was incredibly humbled and honoured to receive a standing ovation when I went up to collect this…wowee.  And to top it all off I was a finalist for the ‘Creative’ category.

I was soo excited to have my new area of creative portraiture for children recognised during our print judging – more diary posts to come over the next few weeks with the background for “a Tale of Whimsy” and some of the magical childrens’ stories behind the imagery.

So here’s the final list of awards I received…

GOLD award – Creative Category…Sian (based on her favourite colours)

SILVER Award (below) – Creative Category….Grace (based on one of her favourite books: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)

GOLD Award (below) – Creative Portrait Category…Nilah (the wishful elephant rider)

SILVER Award (below) – Illustrative Category …Greta (who would love to be a viking)

BRONZE Award (below) – Creative Category…Jonte (performing as the smallest warthog in Africa from his favourite book “Jungle Drums” by Graham Base)

SILVER Award (below) – Illustrative Category…Theo (couldn’t leave out my own son, based on his love of, yes, school…and even his teacher might be a tad surprised to know this! ahh more social than academic is the reality I suspect!)

SILVER Award (below) – Creative Category

SILVER, with Distinction Award (below) – Creative Portrait Category

BRONZE Award (below) – Creative Portrait Category….

BRONZE Award (below) – Creative Portrait Category…

  1. Beautiful, stunning images Esther, you inspire many!
    Love the new website/blog!

  2. Your successes were all so well deserved, Esther. I think my favourite is your green/blue Gold (so to speak). Simple and just magical.

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! xx

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