A Tale of Whimsy

Creative portraiture as artwork.
Your child & their reality brought to life. Blending fantasy with reality, make the impossible – possible.



Esther’s quirky use of colour, blended with her ethereal style, has caught people’s attention for its striking originality.
Esther’s colour work is unconventional, taking images of children into the realms of art. Subtle shifts of colour, from monochromatic to modern brights reflect her subjects. Each shoot is a fresh start and is never treated the same as others. While Esther’s grounding as a photographer was in the darkroom, digital photography allows her to indulge in latest techniques which fit perfectly with her artistic leanings.Choose from the following:

A Tale of Whimsy ‘Book’

Esther’s premium children’s portraiture package.
The ultimate visual adventure, in which your children are the heroes in their own picture book and complimentary photo products. Several themed shoots, and a variety of images to thrill and delight you.

A Glimpse of Whimsy

One shoot, one location, with a theme in mind from your child’s imaginings. Let Esther weave her magic and bring the bizarre and seemingly impossible to life.

The Path to Whimsy…how Esther makes it happen

Esther will explore your children’s passions, tastes and fantasies, to craft a magical setting. The seed of the idea comes from the child, Esther then takes this and creates a concept based on this and the final imagery is a work of art.

Your child may dream of dragons and knights in a forest. Or cowgirls and horses on a plain. They may love mermaids in rippling water, or imagine starring in a circus full of surprises.

Those ecstatic moments can be captured through Esther’s lens, translated into art, and forever remind a child, their parents and grandparents, of that slice of fantastical childhood.

A wooden sword, a golden crown, a toy drum, a picture book – all are real in the hands of a child.

Final pieces are created to be viewed and enjoyed as large canvas print/artworks.

A Tale of Whimsy is priced from  NZ$2400.00

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